The Boonwurrung language program has been going for approximately 6 years.  It is focused on bringing our language back to having a voice once again so that it can be passed on to the next generations.

There is a growing need in all our communities to research and find new words and meanings to words that were given to us by the copious collectors of our languages from the past.

It is now up to us as individual communities to take control of our languages and use it how we want it to be used.

In our language we want to:
  • Use the language to record our stories so that we can pass them on to our next generations of speakers
  • Support and monitor programs that request the use of our language
  • Produce children’s story books in our language
  • Make resources that can be used in our education for our young people
  • Participate in community language programs
  • Participate in regional and state language forums
  • Participate in professional development and language conferences state-wide and interstate
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