Nambur Ganai CD-Rom (Interactive CD-Rom)

The Woolum Bellum KODE School at Kurnai College Morwell, in partnership with the local Koorie Community officially launched the Nambur Ganai Language Interactive CD-ROM in 2000 in Melbourne at the Koorie Heritage Trust.

The Nambur Ganai CD-ROM is the brain child of two Koorie teachers from Gippsland, Doris Paton and Lynette Dent, and evolved from their success in the Yirruk-Tinnor Ganai Community Language Program in partnership with the Woolum Bellum KODE School and VACL. Once thought lost, Indigenous languages of Victoria have recently undergone a renaissance partially as a result of Native Title Legislation and also the Retrieval, Restoration and Revival programs conducted by VACL.

The Ganai Language extends approximately from Warragul to Genoa and is one of five community language programs currently in operation by VACL, with other programs located at Warrnambool, Geelong, Healesville and Wodonga.

The Nambur Ganai CD-ROM was funded by the Department of Employment Training and Youth Affairs and technically produced by CALC Multimedia, a business unit of the Victoria University of Technology. The CD-ROM took three years to complete and will assist in re-introducing Indigenous language back into the Ganai community by teaching the younger descendants through the many schools and preschools in the region.

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