Songs & Stories in Tati Tati, Mutti Mutti and Wadi Wadi

VACL has collaborated with Brendan Kennedy from the Tati Tati Aboriginal Corporation in Robinvale to publish his songs and stories translated into traditional Tati Tati, Mutti Mutti and Wadi Wadi languages of North Western Victoria.

Brendan has written dozens of songs and stories, from which nine were chosen to be included in this book, sharing local stories and connecting to country.

“I was born on the flood grounds of the Murray River on my Ancestral lands in Tati Tati Country. I dedicate this book of language songs and stories to my mother’s people, River people and Mallee people because these songs and stories are about their land, water and animals.” – Brendan Kennedy

Please contact VACL for more information about this publication.

To learn more about Brendan, you can view his profile on our staff members page.

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