Wathaurong CD Rom

In 2004 Wathaurong Aboriginal Cooperative released the teacher’s guide Learning Wathaurong as an interactive CD-ROM with an accompanying booklet. This is the result of collaboration between Wathaurong Aboriginal Cooperative Ltd and Multilocus Interactive Pty Ltd with funding provided by the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA) and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services (ATSIS).

This CD, together with teacher’s resources and lesson plans, is used as a tool for teaching Wathaurong language. The project captures the enthusiasm young Aboriginal people have for computers. The CD is a mixture of stories, exercises and activities to encourage students of all ages to learn and practice speaking, reading and listening skills in Wathaurong language. The CD-ROM is made up of 11 modules designed to provide a basic introduction to the language and includes a Wathaurong to English vocabulary list and interactive colourful activities. These learning materials help to revive the Wathaurong language and teach children and community language in a fun interactive manner.

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