About VACL

The Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages, Inc., was established in 1994. We are the peak body for Aboriginal Languages revitalization in the state of Victoria, leaders in the field of Language Revitalization, Resources Development, Research, and the archival, development, Aboriginal Language Library and Aboriginal languages digital information.

We continue to further our multi-institutional collaborations serving the aim of Language revitalization. We work with forty-four Language Groups and fourteen Lects in the state of Victoria and subsequent borders.

As the peak body for Aboriginal Languages in Victoria, our aim include:

  • To revitalize and strengthen Aboriginal Languages across the state of Victoria and adjacent borders where same language groups live.
  • To actively engage in the practice of Aboriginal Languages, first and foremost for Language groups across Victoria.
  • To further develop resources in order to support revitalization work across Language groups who seek our expertise.
  • To advocate and consult in all matters related to the revitalization of Aboriginal Languages and beyond.
  • To investigate, record, secure and analyse data emerging from forty-four language groups from the State of Victoria and their respective Lects.
  • To facilitate training, mentoring, workshops, education and advice in all areas of Language revitalization.
  • To expand our collaborative approach across institutions, organisations and partners whose interest in Language revitalization and practice is in alignment with VACL.
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