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Brendan Kennedy

Tati Tati, Wadi Wadi & Mutti Mutti

Descendant of the Murray River & Murrumbidgee RiverTraditional Nations Tati Tati, Latji Latji, Weki Weki, Wadi Wadi, Mutti Mutti, Yitha Yitha and Nari Nari (No No Tribes). Brendan has been reviving his languages for over 15 Years and has produced Language books, animations, digital Apps, language resources and language and art exhibitions. He has taught language in schools and early childhood centres in Robinvale and continues to share and create language learning opportunities for his North Western Victorian Aboriginal Communities.


Vicki Couzens

Keerray Wooroong

Dr. Vicki Couzens is Keerray Wooroong Gunditjmara; Senior Knowledge Holder for Possum Skin Cloak Story and Gunditjmara Mother Tongue. Vicki’s contributions in the reclamation, regeneration and revitalisation of cultural knowledge and practices extend across the ‘arts and creative cultural expression spectrum’. Vicki acknowledges her Ancestors and Elders who guide her.


Cheryl Drayton


Cheryl Drayton is a Kurnai Elder of Gippsland and VACL Treasurer/Director. Cheryl has over 30 years experience in Education and Health supporting Koori students years 7-12 and early childhood development; providing teaching guidance and counselling as well as Indigenous curriculum expertise. She has also held various strategic government positions for the Office of Aboriginal Affairs and the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Since retirement from the public sector, Cheryl continues to support her community in roles such as Dhelk Dja Family Chair Inner Gippsland.

Board Member

Aunty Carolyne Briggs


Aunty Carolyne is a Boon Wurrung senior elder and is the chairperson and founder of the Boon Wurrung Foundation. A descendant of the First Peoples of Melbourne, the Yaluk-ut Weelam clan of the Boon Wurrung, she is the great-granddaughter of Louisa Briggs, a Boon Wurrung woman born near Melbourne in the 1830’s. Aunty Carolyne has been involved in developing and supporting opportunities for Indigenous youth and has been proactive in developing strategies for the promotion and maintenance of Boon Wurrung culture and heritage for over 50 years. In 2006, she established the Boon Wurrung Foundation, which has been responsible for significant work in cultural research, including restoration of the Boon Wurrung language. The Foundation also helps connect Aboriginal youth to their heritage.

Language Advocacy

Gary Murray

Wemba Wemba
Gary Murray who is born in Balranald, NSW in 1951 is a Multi-Clan descendant of the Wamba Wamba (Vic/NSW Murray River), Dhudhuroa (Vic/NSW Murray River), Wiradjeri (NSW Bogan River), Yorta Yorta (Vic/NSW Murray River), Baraparapa (Vic/NSW Murray River), Dja Dja Wurrung (Loddon/Avoca Rivers), Djupagalk (Richardson River) and Werkgaia Nations (Wimmera River). He is a father to twelve children and grandfather to twenty-four grandchildren. Gary has over fifty-two year’s activism and experience in many aspects of the First Nations particularly in community development, native title, cultural heritage, economic development and human rights. He believes that activism, land, sport and education are intrinsic to good health and mind along with proper connection to Country and culture.

Jade Kennedy

Tati Tati, Wadi Wadi & Mutti Mutt

Artist, Sports player, teacher, sole trader and Father. Born on Mothers Noongar boodja, kinship connected to Wajak, Yuat and Kaartdijin. Grew up on the Murray River, upon his Great grandfathers’ Country of the Tatti-Tatti clan within the North-West Kulin Nation. Took to art, early whilst attending primary school. Learning and seeking inspiration from all art forms. Indigenous to the Renaissance, and even the modern contemporary and diverse pop culture. Worked on many Reconciliation Action plans, including Athletics Australia, Victorian Public Sector Commission Aboriginal Employment Strategies. Bain & Company and now currently working on the RAP statement for Coates Hire. Loves working in the schools, producing murals and social networking with teachers, whilst answering student queries towards cultural awareness and understanding of First Nation Peoples of Australia. Started the Dindi Thanggi Kuli (River Country People) Dance group. And looks forward to returning to the Murray River to continue his cultural practices.



Rosales Martinez Guadalupe

Rosales Martinez Guadalupe joined the Aboriginal Corporation for Languages early in August 2019, after designing an international program for Indigenous people in the South of Mexico. Rosales brings her 25 years of experience on stakeholder engagement, developing and implementing strategy for how education in colonial settings builds up human capabilities. Her reflective approach to the notion of social justice, ethical practice and governance brings about lenses to further shape VACL’s core aims into the future.

Researcher, Advisor & Contributor

Grants Writer

Dr. Marcelle Scott

Dr Marcelle Scott is a conservator, educator and researcher with extensive experience across the heritage and education sectors. She has tertiary qualifications in cultural materials conservation, archaeology, and university teaching, and draws on each of these fields to investigate and deliver industry focussed interdisciplinary projects, research and curricula.

Our Team


Aunty Fay Stewart

Community Language Specialist & Cultural Educator

Harley Dunolly-Lee

Community Linguist

Sophie Lewincamp

Project Manager

Kobe Atkinson

Language Worker

Cahill Kennedy

Community Worker & Data Entry
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