Digital Language Resources for South West Victoria

VACL is delighted to announce the launch of six new digital language resources for the Gunditjmara language groups in south west Victoria. The Laka Gunditj Language Program, together with VACL, have produced six interactive digital storybooks in three Gunditjmara languages featuring local stories, artists and narrative voices.

Designed by Kiwa Digital for children of all ages, KIWA digital storybooks use iPad and iPhone to bring stories to life in a huge range of languages that combine the narrator’s voice with touchable text synchronized to highlight and sound when words are swiped or touched. Digital storybooks are a great resource for kids of all ages to develop reading and comprehension skills and can be used as part of a lesson plan or reading strategy and to help children learn spelling and pronunciation.

The project involved the creation of content through a series of community-based workshops aimed at developing, capturing and recording the stories which were then developed into digital learning resources. The project was undertaken in collaboration with community, Traditional Owner Groups, local schools, Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and Kiwa Digital.

The books are presented in dual language, both English and a Gunditjmara Language, which are interchangeable allowing users to swap between languages. Users are also able to record their own narration and add this to the resource to be played back at any time. The six books are bow available on the App Store ready for any person or school to download.

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