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P-10 Curriculum Framework Consultation

VACL was engaged by the Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority (VCAA) to undertake a statewide consultation with communities & stakeholders for the development of a curriculum framework for the delivery of Indigenous Languages in Schools to students from Prep to Year 10. Aboriginal Languages, cultures and reclamation in Victorian schools is a booklet which provides

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Malmsbury Prison Project

The Malmsbury Language Program that was run by the Victorian Aboriginal Language Corporation for Languages (VACL) was a very worthwhile program for our youth who had come into contact with the Justice system. The boys came from both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background. The program gave them a connection to their language and culture

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Wathaurong CD Rom

In 2004 Wathaurong Aboriginal Cooperative released the teacher’s guide Learning Wathaurong as an interactive CD-ROM with an accompanying booklet. This is the result of collaboration between Wathaurong Aboriginal Cooperative Ltd and Multilocus Interactive Pty Ltd with funding provided by the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA) and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait

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Aboriginal Placenames of Victoria

In 2002 VACL commissioned the creation of a Database and Dictionary of Aboriginal Placenames of Victoria. The database is available on CD-ROM and is also available in hard copy as a single full volume or four regional volumes. The four regions are: South West VictoriaNorth-West VictoriaCentral VictoriaEast & North-East Victoria

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Flora and Fauna Names of Victoria

As extracted from early surveyors reports: Flora and Fauna Names of Victoria Report is an initiative of the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages and the Victorian Biodiversity Strategy. The researcher Ms Sue Wesson examined material from the archives of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE), the State Library of Victoria, the Victorian Public

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